Dance Identity is amazing. I cannot say enough about them, and highly recommend their classes to anyone that has ever been interested in Bollywood, or any of the other classes offered by Shaira and her fabulous staff of instructors. I have never been so inspired before by dance fitness classes. The moves are fresh and fun, the music is energizing and they always have the latest music. The generosity and kindness towards students is incredible. DI truly wants students to have an unforgettable and positive experience.

To all those dance freaks who are on the look out for a fun place to learn dance, Dance Identity is THE place.
It was after a long hunt i finally settled down for Dance Identity coz i tried many dance studios in bay area and nowhere i felt
the passion for dance. Shaira is such an amazing dancer/choregrapher/teacher and one would feel this right from day 1 of the class.
Be it Jazz or contemporary or the bollywood daace class, its not just the techniques that you learn but also the core strength and
strong base to become a better dancer.

I attended the Bollywood Cardio dance class in Sunnyvale and loved it! Shaira is an excellent teacher – very friendly and knowledgeable. You get a great workout while enjoying Bollywood music and dance moves. I was feeling energized and happy at the end of class. Will be going again.

Shaira’s an amazing teacher. I have purely been with dance identity for the quality of dance that she teaches. Dance Identity aka DI recently gave a fabulous performance on the PAN-IIT Diwali Dhamaka event…I being part of that show too.  DI is all about having fun, learning more about dance in its various form (Contemporary dance form being the highlight) and enjoying the same :)

Cant’ say HOW wonderful the classes at Dance Identity ARE !!..Its not just Bollywood that you get to learn here, but also other styles like Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop etc etc.

Shaira is an excellent teacher/trainer/choreographer..She not just focuses on fitness but also on technique & core strength..

If wanna learn more than Bollywood, BE THERE !.
If you wanna grow as a dancer, BE THERE !
If you wanna discover the dancer in you, BE THERE !

Dance Identity is so amazing..

I still remember my first day with Dance Identity where I could not move my two hands together in two different directions; people said I had two right feet. Today I hear a different story. People wanting to learn “that twist wala step” from me. I having a lot more confidence to dance, to present myself on a platform where 1000s can watch and still it doesnt dampen my enthusiasm.