A private lesson is personalized to your specific needs and is focused on you, or you and a partner. In a group class you will not receive the same level of individual attention. While groups are fun, social, and a great complement to private lessons, private lessons offer customized technical tips and concentrated training to help you achieve personal dance goals.

Please check our Classes & Schedule page for information on when the next session of dance classes begins.

Yes, you can drop into any dance or fitness class, provided the class is not full. We would advise that you contact us regarding availability before coming to class. You will need to pay the drop-in fee. Check here for drop-in rates.

A class card allows you to attend 10 fitness classes at any location where fitness classes are offered. The card is valid for for three months from the date of purchase. Purchasing a 10 class card also gives you more than a 10% discount compared to dropping-in to 10 fitness classes and paying the drop-in rate.

Visit our student management system here.

We recommend taking a level that is lower for the following reasons; you may be unfamiliar with a teacher’s style, classes may be harder than what you are accustomed to and you might want to acclimate yourself to new surroundings. If you haven’t danced in many years, you’ll want to reintroduce your body and muscles slowly. Remember, if you’ve chosen a class that is not best for you, we will happily switch you to another class.

Generally students will not be admitted into class 20 minutes after the class start time. This is to ensure proper warm-up, reduce injuries and class etiquette. Management also reserves the right to refuse any individual entry onto the premises or class at any time per their discretion.