Class Policies

  • Once registered, no refunds or transfers are allowed
  • Classes missed will not be made up, except those cancelled by the instructor. Instructors reserve the right to cancel a particular class or batch at their discretion
  • All new enrollments will register for the Beginner level class in the appropriate age group. Our instructors reserve the right to promote the students from one level to another. A student may often repeat the same level for two to three quarters before graduating to the next level
  • Students should come to class in proper dance/workout attire such as workout pants, t-shirts, etc. Dance shoes or sneakers are required in class
  • Class Duration is 60 minutes
  • Students will require the written and/or verbal permission of their instructor if he or she would like to replicate in part or whole the exercise and/or dance routines learned in the dance class at other events
  • Instructors, class sizes, class levels, rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice and all decisions made by our management will be final and binding
  • Students must inform the instructor about any past and/or current injuries/medical conditions
  • Fitness Class Card Terms & Conditions: Class cards are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Class cards are valid until 100 days after date of issue. Lost class cards can be replaced for $10. Students needs to present class class cards to Studio manager or Instructor prior to participating in class