Nisha Hemnani

Engineer by profession but dancer at heart!  It’s my way to clear all 1’s and 0’s that clog my brain arteries during the work week. Hope it’s not too digital 😉

Love for dance is something I was born with. My mother tells me that as a kid, I used to dance in front of the mirror using her “dupattas” for hours, and I haven’t stopped ever since! It helps me to stay fit, both mentally and physically. It’s my personal alternative to meditation.
I’ve been part of Dance Identity for quite some time now, training in Bollywood, Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop!  I’ve performed with DI at various events such as Asha Stanford Holi, Google Holiday Party at San Francisco Design center, VTA commercial, and many more. Other opportunities include performing at various events with other Bay Area dance companies such as Project Pulse, Mona Sampath Dance company, to name a few.
Shaira has been a great mentor. She pushes everybody to reach new levels. I’ve learned from many instructors but the dedication and passion that I see in her is outstanding. My goal is to keep learning and inspiring others by passing on what I have learned.