1. Please leave all belongings in your car, only bring a bottle of water.

2. Doors will open at the start time of you class, no one will be allowed in the studio earlier.
3. Only students pre-registered for the classes will be allowed inside. Drop ins are subject to availability, please call us to schedule in-person drop ins.
4. We request everyone to please leave right after class and not hang around outside the studio to make the entry/exits between classes smooth.
5. Please use the back entrance to enter the studio, walk along Panda Express and come to the last door.
6. Needless to say if anyone is feeling unwell or a little under the weather please stay home.
We are working very hard to create a safe environment for everyone coming to our studio and we will need your cooperation to run everything smoothly.
Thank you,
Dance Identity Team

Dance Identity was founded in March of 2009 to teach dance in a professional environment with a structured curriculum. Currently the DI curriculum consists of styles such as Bollywood, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, and Contemporary Dance.

Dance Identity offers both, dance and fitness programs. Our classes follow a systematic structure and curriculum in addition to being high on energy and fun. We also offer personal training programs that are tailor made to suit your personal needs of fitness, dance, timings and privacy.

Dance Classes

We offer a wide variety of dance styles – Bollywood, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Salsa. Classes cater to all age groups and levels. Our dance classes help students build confidence and self esteem through dance and movement. Dance Identity also offers special technique classes for students that are interested in training to become professional dancers, instructors or choreographers.


Our dance fitness classes consist of energetic, exciting, and fun dance routines that combine Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip Hop, and latin moves that target your abs, hips, thighs, and that also strengthen your core and improve flexibility. The high quality of instruction offered in our classes is a trademark feature that sets Dance Identity apart from the rest of the crowd.