saurinkSaurin Kamdar

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Saurin couldn’t escape the influence of glamour and entertainment of Bollywood and therefore started dancing at a very young age. The appreciation and encouragement Saurin got from elders especially his mom, at that age, played a huge part in pursuing dance as a hobby. It was then that Saurin realized he had an affinity for music and movement.

Saurin started choreographing and dancing for annual day events at school. At the same time learning Bollywood, Jazz, Hip Hop and performing dances, musical plays with a dance troupe called Jolly Gems across various theaters in Bombay. Saurin realized that dance was not just a mere hobby for him. So he decided to take it a step further and joined Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts (SDIPA) in high school. For about 18 months as part of Special Potential Batch under SDIPA, Saurin got training in contemporary, jazz, bollywood, hip hop and performed at multiple shows.

After coming to USA for further studies, Saurin decided to join the University of Pennsylvania Ballroom Dance Troupe. During this time he trained in Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Salsa, Waltz, Tango and also won awards at inter-college competitions. Saurin continued his training and performances in dance after moving to Bay area 3 years ago. He has perfomed with bay area dance groups such as Zingaris, Project Pulse and Studio 10 in areas such as Bollywood, Hip-Hop and Jazz. Saurin joined Dance Identity about 6 months ago and he has felt like home at DI. At DI, Saurin is training under highly talented and creative Shaira Bhan. Saurin has realized one thing: every person needs to have one passion in life, which makes him/her live not just exist. Dance is his passion and he is living it everyday through Dance Identity.