Neeraj Joshi

Neeraj was a typical geeky, nerdy and ridiculously studious kid with big round spectacles in the Aurangabad city of Maharashtra. Extremely shy in his young age, he never dared going on stage. Forget being part of a dance group! But deep down in his heart he loved dancing. He would secretly admire Prabhu Deva and Michael Jackson and would even try dancing in front of a mirror in his bedroom.

For 25 years, Neeraj concentrated just on academics and eventually work. After coming to the Bay area in 2013 he finally gathered the guts to sign up for Hip Hop class with Shaira at Dance Identity. Had it not been for Shaira’s encouraging words “You can do it!”, Neeraj would never have become what he is today. Dance Identity helped Neeraj make hard work, team work and dedication a part of his living.

Now known for his expressions on stage, Neeraj performs in Hip Hop and Bollywood dance routines. Lately he is putting hard work in the contemporary and social dance styles.