devyanivDevyani Vernekar

I am a hardware engineer now by profession but my day is not complete until it has dancing in some form or the other. I got into dancing at the age of five and started with Bharatnatyam which I pursued for eight years thanks to my mum who herself is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. With the growing interest in more global dance forms in India (not to forget getting inspired by Shaira’s own show ‘Bodylicious’ on NDTV Goodtimes), Salsa and Ballroom dancing caught my fancy immediately which I pursued and performed for a few years in India.

Having found my comfort zone in salsa, I wanted to grow as a dancer and not rely on a partner to lead me all the time, which is when I decided to pick up contemporary and I found what I was looking for at Dance Identity. Not only has it helped me appreciate the importance technique in dancing but also embedded in me a new found passion of fitness. Having started with the cardio classes which helped me achieve a good fitness level, I have realized here how every dancer is first an athlete and dancing is the most intense and calming sport at the same time.. You need the strength, flexibility, endurance like all sports and all this while keeping a smile on your face.. Having tried several dance forms at DI, the style I enjoy the most is the narration through dancing whether it is soulful dancing in contemporary or ‘you-own-it-all’ attitude that comes with hip-hop..I also enjoy meeting new people with similar interests through social dancing and I continue to do salsa and I am a part of Bachata Sentimento Team in Palo Alto.